Can My Sense of Taste and Smell Come Back after Recovery from Coronavirus?

“I can’t smell anything for the last four days”.
” I lost my sense of smell and taste and have some difficulty to see which one is hot and which one is cold for what I drink.”
This is not the first time we have seen people complaining of a loss of sense of smell and taste following a coronavirus infection. There have been concerns about changes in the sense of smell and taste caused by COVID-19, as a result of coronavirus attacks on the nervous system.

What usually causes people to lose their sense of taste and smell?
You aren’t feeling well and you notice that you can’t taste or smell anything. Many things can cause this — it’s not just COVID-19. Whatever the cause, the reason for losing the sense of taste or smell often has to do with abnormalities on the surfaces of the nose or tongue — or the nerves supplying those surfaces. Disorders can arise from a variety of causes.

How long can loss of smell last after COVID-19?

In most cases, the smell loss lasts only a few weeks, but for more than 12 percent of people with COVID-19, olfactory dysfunction persists in the form of the ongoing reduction in the ability to smell (hyposmia) or changes in how a person perceives the same smell (parosmia).

What Can I Do To Regain My Sense of Smell And Taste After COVID-19?

Line up four essential oils of your choosing.
Starting with the first scent, take gentle whiffs of it for 25 seconds. While you’re smelling it, imagine what the smell looks like, what it feels like. Recall a memory that involves this particular scent.
center, including the areas responsible for processing emotion and memory. That’s why, for example, when you smell chlorine, it may remind you of swimming lessons. Olfactory training can teach the brain to remake connections back to specific scents.”
Give your brain one minute to process that scent. When a minute is up, take gentle whiffs of the next scent for 25 seconds. Let your brain process that scent for a minute. Continue until you’ve smelled each of the four scents.
Do this exercise twice a day, morning and night, for three months. If your sense of smell hasn’t fully returned after three months, find four new essential oils and repeat the exercise.

If you have absolutely no sense of smell after six weeks, visit your doctor.

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