NIOSH Approved Respirator List

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has recently updated its approved respirator mask list to include several new, advanced products that comply with the best safety standards in the industry. If you or your employees are in need of a new respirator mask, consider one of these five NIOSH-approved respirator masks on their most up-to-date list.
What are NIOSH-approved respirators?
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) maintains a database of respirators that it has approved for use. This list can be found on their website and gives us information about which types of masks are able to filter out certain pollutants, gases, particles, or fumes based on OSHA regulations. The NIOSH-approved respirator mask list can be used by workers in different industries so they know what type of equipment they need to stay safe on their job sites. If you’re unsure if your current mask is up to code, then look at NIOSH’s list to see if it matches up with what you have. If not, get yourself a new one before heading back to work. You want to keep yourself as safe as possible while doing your job—it’s important not only for you but also for those around you.
In some instances we may recommend using two filters at once: For example, a P100 particulate filter and an N95 filtering facepiece together create an effective combination against many respiratory hazards: nuisance dust (wood chips), some organic vapors (paint fumes), bacteria and viruses, etc.
How to Choose a Respirator Based on the Atmosphere Facing You
When you’re choosing a respirator, be sure to match it with an atmosphere that’s relevant to your activities. For example, don’t use an N95 respirator if there are no irritants present—this type of respirator is designed for filtering out solid and liquid particles. Also, keep in mind that regulations will change depending on what sort of work you do: In general, we recommend following OSHA or NIOSH guidelines when selecting a mask or respirator.
Looking for a few more respirators to add to your collection? We hope you found at least one here that could help with your working environment. Let us know in a comment below if you have any specific questions about these masks or respirators in general. If you’re looking for other types of safety equipment, we’ve got those, too. Check out our different industrial safety product lines such as eye and face protection, hearing protection, and fall protection.
NIOSH approved respirator list all CDC-certified N95, N99, N100, P95, P100, R95, and R100 respirators. Except for the NIOSH-approved respirator list n95 masks,  Instocking LLC keeps updating the list of NIOSH approved respirators available and N95 industry news regularly for all users.

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