Where you still need to wear Covid face masks


Since federal Covid masks are no longer required on airplanes and other forms of public transportation, you may be wondering: Do I still need to wear a mask in the United States?

Philadelphia: Masks are currently required at Philadelphia International Airport and in many indoor spaces in the city, such as restaurants, museums, sports areas, and government buildings. The city’s authorization took effect on Monday after officials said coronavirus cases had increased by 50% in the first two weeks. The Philadelphia school district also needs masks. A no-mask policy can be instituted if local businesses and institutions check people’s vaccine status at entry.

Hawaii’s public schools: The state’s mask rule remains in effect in public school classrooms through May 27.
Mass transit systems in at least four major cities: New York City’s mass transit system announced Tuesday that mask rules remain in effect on all buses, subway trains, and rail lines, including the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North. Bus lines in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago also still require masks.

Ubers and Lyfts, New York: New York’s transit proclamation also includes mandatory masks in carpools. Both Uber and Lyft say local regulations take precedence over their own rules, meaning drivers and riders in the city will still need to wear face masks. If you live outside of New York, check local laws before boarding your car.

Most Broadway theaters: Most Broadway theaters in New York announced on Friday that while they would stop checking ticket holders for vaccinations, they would still need to wear masks indoors until at least May 31.

Individual businesses with mask policies: In most parts of the country, individual businesses — including airlines and other transportation services — are now responsible for developing and enforcing their own mask policies. Check any company’s specific policies before showing up at their front door without a mask.

Choose school districts across the country: Similarly, mask requirements in U.S. public schools are now largely determined by school district. Check your local area’s policies before proceeding.

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