Best N95 Mask for Smaller Faces in 2022

Since the year 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control updated its mask guidance to say that N95 masks and respirators offer the greatest protection. Although the CDC’s website lists hundreds of N95 masks, only a handful are available for small faces. Moreover, it is difficult for users to know which mask fits the standard face shape and which mask is smaller from the product model or TC number. Therefore, N95 masks for small faces are especially summarized in this paper.

3M 1860S

The most popular surgical N95 mask for Small Face medical users. But it’s hard to buy genuine products after the pandemic

3M 8110S

Small size version of 3M classic 8210 N95 respirators. Born in 1995, the small N95 mask 3M 8110S is still in the market more than 20 years later. Because of its high suitability and comfort, many companies have listed it in the PPE list.

Respokare RK-200-3040A in small size

As the first FDA-cleared Anti-Viral n95 face mask, Respokare small n95 mask is effective against 18 types of Flu Viruses, surrogates of SARS, MERS, and other pathogens. Experiments show that its unique acid layer can inactive 99. 9% of germs in 5 minutes. As a high-end N95 mask, it uses blue, which makes it more natural for us to wear. Of course, its characteristic acidic layer gives it a bit of a flavor when opened. You only need to leave it in the air for a few hours and the smell will disappear.

Nask SM-N9501Nanofiber N95 mask

If most masks on the market aren’ t comfortable for you due to material, maybe you can try Nask n95 mask. Its’ unique nanomaterial not only kills 99. 9 percent of bacteria and viruses but also makes its material very soft and comfortable. Both small and medium sizes are good for people with smaller faces. Individual packaging is easier to store and carry

Benehal MS6115 N95 mask

The MS6115 series is one of Beneha’s best-selling N95 masks. To accommodate different face shapes, Benehal has set up 2 sizes. Benehal MS6115L for standard face shapes. The Benehal MS6115 fits a smaller face.

AOK 20190029 N95 mask with cartoon printing

Although the CDC does not encourage teens to wear N95 masks, as parents, we prefer to prepare more protective N95 masks for our kids during long time traveling or going to the hospital. But most N95 masks are mostly white. The kids don’ t like it. So AOK specially designed an N95 mask and printed it with a cute cartoon image. So kids are more likely to wear them. Please note that this mask is not suitable for adults with small faces. It is small in size and is more suitable for children.

For most masks, it’s hard to tell if they’ re the right size for us. Therefore, it is recommended to do a simple fitting test before wearing it to ensure that it is suitable for us before ordering in bulk.

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