What Colour Are N95 Masks?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, masks have become a part of our daily routine. We started to understand and started to use different masks. There are N95 and KN95 masks that are practical and can protect us, as well as cloth masks that make us look fashionable.

So are N95 masks only in white color?
The answer is no.
Most N95 masks are white. But manufacturers have also produced other colors to meet different user needs.

The following article lists masks in different colors for your reference.

Green N95 Respirator– commonly used for surgical N95 masks

3M 1860 N95 Mask NIOSH Surgical N95 Respirator
3M 1860S NIOSH Surgical N95 Mask Small Sized
3M 9132 N95 Surgical Mask hygienically Individual Pack
BYD DE2322 NIOSH N95 Mask Individual Pack
DE2326 BYD Surgical N95 Mask Individual Pack

Blue N95 Face Mask

RESPOKARE N95 Mask RK200 3040A 3041A 3042A Pack of 30
KOKEN Hi-Luck 350 N95 NIOSH Approved

Black N95 Disposable Mask

Benehal MS6135 N95 Mask With Active Carbon
Benehal MS6175L NIOSH N95 Mask With Valve

Per CDC guidelines, the color of a mask won’t impact its efficacy; it’s only a matter of aesthetics. Most importantly, this particular brand was been authorized by the CDC for emergency use.

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