Don’t Be Left Unprotected – Get A Niosh N95 Respirator Face Mask Today

The public is advised not to use a medical mask or N95 respirator. Using a cloth mask is different from using a medical mask or N-95 respirator.

Respirators that fit well and seal against your face protect you better than a cloth or medical mask. Respirators are special masks designed to filter out very small particles.

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N95 and KN95 respirators are disposable respirators designed to filter at least 95% of airborne particles. N95 respirators and surgical masks are examples of personal protective equipment used to protect the wearer from face-contaminating particles or liquids. The FDA regulates surgical masks and N95 respirators differently depending on their intended use.

Experts are warning the public not to wear certain types of N95 face masks with front flaps. Share on Pinterest Experts say some N95 face valve masks protect the wearer but do not stop them from spreading COVID-19 to others nearby.

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Wearers should check for leaks and gaps around the edges of the mask before relying on a small N95 for protection. For maximum protection from an N95 respirator, there should be no air leaks around the edges of the mask.

In particular, the most important thing to look out for in N95 masks is that the respirator has been tested and certified by NIOSH. If you have not completed an N95 respirator fit test, your organization or infection control department should conduct a timely N95 respirator fit test to ensure that the N95 respirator is fitted correctly. Although NIOSH tests and certifies N95 masks, it does not support KN95 masks, KF94 masks, or other respiratory products that can receive international certification.

These N95 masks are still certified to provide effective filtration so you can buy and use them as needed. KN95 children’s masks provide a high level of filtration and a snug fit for small faces.

This is a good option, but only if children are comfortable wearing them for a long time. Although an N95 mask may not be suitable for your children, KN95 or KF94 protective masks designed for small faces or children are an alternative solution. While these options don’t provide the same protection as your N95, they are a big improvement over a single-fabric mask, say Dr. Abraar Karan and Marr.

Unlike cloth masks, N95, KN95 and KF94 respirators are made of electrostatically charged materials that “actually attract these particles as they float and prevent them from being inhaled,” Karan noted. Most protective masks have a particle filtration efficiency of at least 95%.

Masks are designed to be used by construction workers to protect against dust and other particles. Face masks may or may not meet any levels of liquid barrier or filtration efficiency; therefore, they do not replace N95 respirators or other facepiece respirators (FFRs) that provide respiratory protection to the wearer, or surgical masks that provide fluid protection to the wearer.


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