Harley S-108 Surgical N95 Mask in Stock

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Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company Ltd., CDC NIOSH certified N95 mask supplier. The research and development team conducted a series of investigations and studies on the wearing habits, practical scenarios, and needs of medical users, and developed Harley’s first surgical N95 mask through continuous improvement. After receiving approval from CDC NIOSH in August 2021, the masks were gradually put on the market for use. After the Instocking team’s own testing, the features of this mask are summarized as follows.

1. The outer packing is replaced with blue packing, which is compact. The box is of strong quality.2. Each mask is sealed with a separate bag, which is more sanitary and convenient for storage and increases the portability of the mask.
3. The S-108 folding surgical mask is made of a more comfortable and skin-friendly material, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the wearer.
4. No feeling of holding your breath for a period of time, excellent breathing performance.
5. Compared to the L88 folding N95 mask, the S-108 uses an invisible nose bridge. The material of the bridge is neither hard nor soft, which is easier to adjust for different face types and nosesshape.
6. The built-in sponge strip not only reduces the pressure of wearing the mask for a long time but also increases the tightness of the mask.
7. Anti-fog test. Considering that medical users often need to wear glasses, the Instocking team tested this. The tester followed the instructions in the manual to ensure that the mask was properly fitted, and wore the glasses at different temperatures without fogging. This is a big highlight of this mask.
8. The straps are soldered firmly. After repeated stretching tests more than 50 times, the two headbands remained tightly attached to the mask. Take off and put on the mask repeatedly for daily use without worrying about the damage to the mask.
9. Innovative lock design. Considering the requirements for sealing masks with different head circumferences, Harley specially designed a lock on the headband so that users can adjust the size according to their own head shape when wearing, greatly increasing the sealing and safety performance of masks.

Overall, this NIOSH and FDA dual certified surgical N95 mask feature low respiratory resistance and a more user-friendly design. In addition, they also passed the blood spatter test in accordance with ASTM F2100 Level 3.


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