How to Relieve Ear Pain While Wearing Mask?

Face masks are an essential part of protecting yourself and others from coronavirus. But as non-medical users, we are not used to wearing masks for long periods. And many people reported that their ears hurt after wearing masks for some time.

How to relieve your ears from pain?
There are a few ways to prevent that. From skincare tips to face mask ear savers, we sum up some tips.

Just make sure you don’t get a fake one.
If wearing a face mask with ear loops hurts your ears, you can also try attaching a head strap.
Plastic “Face Mask Strap Clip” is one of the most popular ways to prevent behind-the-ear irritation. Simply wrap the mask’s elastic straps around the clip, rather than your ears, to immediately relieve pressure.
Strategically placed buttons on either side of this knit headband create an alternative place to hook mask elastics rather than the ears.
Ear savers to placed on the ears which can avoid the ear loop touching our ears directly.
Replace with face masks with adjustable ear straps.

Whatever solution you adopt, most important thing is that the mask sealed well.

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