Best N95 Mask for Speaking

Due to the ubiquity of masks due to the coronavirus pandemic, understanding speech has become difficult. The question of which type of mask achieves the best speech intelligibility has become quite important to industry professionals who frequently speak out.

Because of the porous structure of woven fabrics, fabrics are often used for sound absorption. The porous material absorbs sound energy because it dampens the oscillations of air particles through friction. Therefore, masks attenuate the intensity of speech, affecting the expression of the speaker’s meaning and voice intelligibility. As a U.S. study found, fabric masks are the least recommend option for listeners and strongly recommended surgical masks or N95 masks for speech industry professionals. Don’t know which N95 face masks fit you most? Now let me talk about my favorite N95 mask when I want to express my voice clearer and fluently.

Benehal 8225 face mask, though this N95 mask has four filter layers; PP spunbond outer layer, PP needle punched non-woven inner layer, PP meltblown high filter layer, PP spunbond layer, PP meltblown high filter layer, the sound is still It can clearly pass through these protective layers and spread to the air.
And this is an n95 filter respirator with an adjustable nose bridge design. It adopts a double-layer nose bridge design. Even if the lips and other facial muscles move during the speech, the whole mask will not move up, so there is no need to worry about your passionate speeches. Moreover, the soft inner foam nose pads made of black PU foam will not cause pain in the bridge of the nose due to long-term wearing, which is more suitable for staff who need long-term dialogue and speech.

Finally, its headband-style bi-elastic design is soft and gentle, which not only eliminates pressure behind the ear, but also increases the tightness of the seal compared to styles with ear loops behind the ear.
In all, Benehal 8225 face mask is a good choice for speakers who want a high standard of protection and convey their speeches clearly.

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